More than shaping your online presence through high tech graphics, video and photography, Emerging New Media produces relevant content and social networking designed to connect to your audience in a real and meaningful way. Our extensive knowledge of growing social media networks will further establish your company on the Internet as well as broaden your clientele. Our successful social media network strategies will keep your company name and brand fresh and attractive. We will catapult your website and social networking to new heights and open opportunities for you to reach more potential customers.

Who We Are

Emerging New Media offers social media networking, online writing, photography, web video services, programming, web graphics/design and content development.

What We Do

Emerging New Media studies what online marketing and communication tools appeal to your customers and applies it to your online social media networking presence and appearance using the highest quality media.

Our Expertise

Emerging New Media employs a team of content developers and social network specialists including creative and technical writers, field journalists, photo and web video journalists, web designers, graphic designers and computer programmers who are subject matter experts in a variety of industries with backgrounds in advertising, marketing, media, public relations, journalism and communications.

Content We Cover

Emerging New Media produces content for a range of industries, topics and demographic audiences. We cover banking, building & construction, finance, food, fashion, education, entertainment, environment/eco-topics, government, real estate, retail, travel & tourism, and more.