Content Development

When any client lands on your website, imagine what they want to see. Potential clients want to learn what you can offer them within the first few sentences––the shorter, the better. That’s why content is key. Boost your chance in grabbing the client’s attention through careful content development and sell what products or services your company offers.

EMERGING NEW MEDIA will create relevant, attention-worthy content that is clean, crisp and fresh–all while never sacrificing delivery of information and a professional attitude. Every word will be tailored toward presenting your company’s service, key selling points and call to action.


Present your company in a modern, cutting edge format with graphics, animation, photography, video and music that appeal to your audience.

EMERGING NEW MEDIA will transform your static, one-dimensional website into a dynamic, vibrant and attractive site that is easy to navigate and presents your company at its best. We provide photography, still and animation graphics, and web video production services to highlight your products, people, projects, campaigns, community service work, and more. We use only high definition cameras and the latest editing software to add stunning impact to your online presence. Ask about:

  • Streaming Video
  • RSS Feeds
  • Video Vignettes
  • Video Downloads


EMERGING NEW MEDIA can evaluate your current website, social media networking opportunities and provide recommendations. Call for more information on these services.


EMERGING NEW MEDIA can provide daily, weekly and/or monthly updates to your website and social networking sites so your customers always have the latest information about your company and business.


Create added value for your customers/clients with electronic newsletters to highlight company news, special promotions, product updates, acknowledgement from media, etc.

EMERGING NEW MEDIA will produce updates on your company’s latest accomplishments, write feature articles, and create an attractive, professional layout. We also provide editing services for your existing print newsletters to improve style, flow and tone. More importantly, delivery of your e-newsletter is done with the fastest technology to ensure timely viewing. We’ll help your business grow by expanding your customer database through various methods such as social networking websites, search engines, etc.


Keep your customers/clients interested and updated in your business, and open a forum for questions and responses through the latest online community.

EMERGING NEW MEDIA will set up your blog or online diary for your company to reach a broader market. We offer online blog writing services, article posting, Q&A forums, and blog maintenance. A growing number of blog communities are popping up on the internet, and you’ll be able to sustain your client’s curiosity in your product or service while staying top of mind. Contact us for set up, rates and more information.


Maximize your presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more than 100 social media sites using EMERGING NEW MEDIA to help you keep up and save time and money.

Our expert knowledge of these social media websites will give your company access to various online communities and enhance your online presence. Millions of people log onto these sites every day and their popularity continues to grow, providing more opportunities for others to become familiar with your company. EMERGING NEW MEDIA will maximize the site’s services to help you make new contacts, including adding a calendar of company events and promotions to your social networking website. This venue allows you to keep in touch with company partners and meet potential contacts.


Conduct live meetings, presentations or conferences online with web video capability.

EMERGING NEW MEDIA will help you to stay in touch with clients and business partners overseas or across the country. While conducting a Webinar, you’ll be able to collaborate, conduct question and answer sessions, or present a new product or service. Webinars are rapidly becoming available all over the world, and we’ll ensure that you are on the frontline of this technology.


Promote your company profile on the largest online encyclopedia available today in various countries and languages.

When a potential client searches for more information on a company or topic, search engines will pull up entries on Our team of online writers will craft an entry based on your company’s vision. Your company’s background, progress, past and current projects and products will have its own entry. This gives clients the ability to become familiar with your business before they choose to select your services or products. A link will also conveniently direct the reader to your website.